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Grassroots Analytics Campaign has a team of digital professionals who know GAC data, and know how best to fundraise online. Their offerings of innovative digital services including peer-to-peer list rentals and expertise on traditional data acquisition help campaigns and digital firms quickly scale fundraising operations.

Email Acquisition

Starting at $0.60/contact

The average left-leaning American donor receives 6.7 fundraising requests per day. GAC can pinpoint donors with high propensity to give based on ABX giving history.

Hyper-Targeting + High ROI & Low CPC

Email lists are highly targeted and easily searchable hundreds of variables. 

Email contacts provided by GAC receive the same number of clicks as competitive sources, but at 3x the ROI.

High Open Rates with Low Burn

GAC knows how many times each piece of contact information has been distributed to a campaign, and tracks how many daily fundraising solicitations each donor receives.

Peer-to-Peer Texting List Rental

GAC provides highly-targeted donor prospects and mobilizes a team of texters to run peer-to-peer fundriaisng campaigns. Clients see an immediate ROI and acquire opted-in mobile numbers and donor email addresses.

Clients pre-approve language and provide an ActBlue page that includes a mobile opt-in disclaimer. We do the rest. 


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Mobile Number Acquisition

Starting at $1.00/contact

Using platforms such as Spoke, Peerly, et al, campaigns can text thousands of numbers at once for a very low cost per text. Texting is fast, efficient, and won’t fall into spam filters.

Verified and Hyper-Targeted

Mobile numbers are verified and can be purchased in lists segmented by any criteria (e.g., “We’d like to text all low-dollar donors who gave to 2+ red to blue races in 2020.”)

High ROI for Low Effort

During the 2020 cycle, GAC mobile lists led to a 5-10% increase in the number of donations campaigns received, an incredible ROI for a low effort, high reward practice.


GAC verifies the mobile numbers of a campaign’s existing supporters and mobilizes a team of texters to run a P2P fundraising campaign. Mobileraise is an ideal way to reach donors who have unsubscribed from email programs and grow broadcast texting programs.

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Next Steps

To get started with digital services, get in touch with a GAC digital representative today.