Through private list acquisition and data cleaning, Grassroots Analytics has created a comprehensive database of America's left-leaning donors. We have demographic data, political preference data, and verified contact information on each donor.

Call time efficiency triples with our call time lists. Lists are targeted by thousands of variables, including issue preference, demographics, net worth, suggested ask, capacity to give, and more. From our lists, call time gifts average $400 and correct number rates average greater than 90%.

Call Time Lists

We provide email acquisition for clients, digital firms, and large organizations. We target list acquisition by more than 10,000 variables, including donor momentum, demographics, and ActBlue Express accounts. Clients can also send us lists of names for email matching and appends.

Email Acquisition

We employ a team of former campaign operatives to provide strategy in conjunction with GA data. We assign a strategist to all incoming clients to provide thought partnership, help with strategic planning, answer finance questions, and ideate on how to most effectively raise money using GA data.

Fundraising Strategy

With average gifts of $18 from GAC-provided texting lists, campaigns and organizations utilize mobile numbers to connect with donors in-district and nationwide.

Mobile Number Lists

In the same way we develop email lists, we create hyper targeted digital audiences – made up of donors with active ActBlue Express accounts – for Facebook ad deployment. We can also curate lists of donor Twitter handles for direct Twitter solicitation via direct message.

Digital Audiences

GAC cleans clients’ personal networks, matches the data to in-house, fleshed out donor profiles, and sorts network by giving capacity. Many clients send us their existing databases for cleaning, finding the most likely re-solicits, and updated contact information

Personalized Match Lists

See GAC Services in Action

For a few examples of how campaigns and organizations have utilized our services, check out a few case studies we've put together:

see gac services in action

For a few examples of how campaigns and organizations have utilized our services, check out the case studies we've put together.

Targeting Capabilities

Lists can be targeted by thousands of variables and countless combinations to best reach new and lucrative donors. We can narrow down lists to include only those people most likely to give based on their demographics and donor history.  Examples include:

· Donors who regularly support red-to-blue races.
· Donors who disproportionately support muslim candidates. 
· Florida Donors who support Candidates who champion environmental causes.
· Female donors who favor incumbents in statewide races.
· African American male donors who regularly give to female candidates of color.

We have thousands of variables in order to find the perfect donors for your campaign. If you would like to see this ability in action you can request a demo. If you are interested in learning how our services can benefit your campaign please feel free to contact us.